got dessert?

Thirty or more nut-filled, paper-thin layers of filo glazed in a spicy honey-based syrup make this the king of desserts. Every country in the Near East claims baklava as its own.
Delicious shredded nut pastries - a variation of baklava

Small sesame twists of butter cookies, with a light sugar glaze. Perfect (and traditional) with coffee.
Powdered sugar covered crescent-shaped butter cookies that melt in your mouth. They are served at weddings, at Christmas, and on special occasions, such as namedays and holidays . . . and Festivals!

A cookie drenched in honey and sprinkled with a spiced nut mixture.
Little toasted cookies with the distinctive flavor of almonds. Great with coffee.

Filo pastry filled with a delicious custard filling and covered with a honey-based syrup.
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Coconut-dusted semolina cake dipped in syrup . . . and other delicious dessert pastries sold throughout the Festival grounds.

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