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Dear Stewards of Holy Cross,

It is with gratitude and joy that I thank you for making such a sacrificial and important financial commitment to our parish community last year and pray that you will continue in making Holy Cross the vibrant and dynamic community for which it is known. Please take a few moments to pray and give serious consideration to the monetary pledge you make for our parish, either through our website,  or by filling out the pledge form you received by mail, pledging in faith your financial commitment to Holy Cross for 2018. It represents your love for our Lord and His Church of the Holy Cross.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a $50 per week for 52 weeks of the year is what Holy Cross needs to meet its ministry commitments and operating expenses.  Every steward of Holy Cross is asked to help us meet this goal of $2500 per family per year.

Yes, all of us feel the challenges in meeting our financial obligations. Yet, many of us are witnesses to our Lord’s miraculous and lifesaving interventions. Placing our church parish at the top of our financial priority list lets God know that we consider His love and care most important.  For it is through our financial and volunteer stewardship that we are called by God to offer, that we express our genuine love and dedication to Him.  In so doing, His grace, mercy, and love are abundantly expressed a hundred fold. 

I encourage all families to make their financial commitment to Holy Cross this first month of January 2018.  It is important for our planning and important for your family and our parish family, as we all give witness to our Lord's love and collectively makes our parish strong and vibrant.

Thank you for your prayerful commitment that not only helps sustain our parish but strengthens our commitment to serve Him who has sacrificed so much for us. Make you pledge today and join the growing number of families that make Holy Cross their spiritual home.

In Christ’s love,
Father Peter Salmas

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